Our 2017 Award Winners! 2018-06-06T18:44:23+00:00

Congratulations to Our 2017 Award Winners!

Best Drama- Interior Night
Best Short Drama- Killed in Action
Best Comedy- Quaker Oaths
Best Short Comedy- The Escort
Best Documentary- Robert Shaw- Man of Many Voices
Best Adventure- Blood Road
Best Animation- Wishing Box
Best Spiritual- Ask- Can Love Survive Addiction & Codependency?
Best Student Film- It’s Just a Gun
Best High School Film- Facade

Best Director- Tamlin Hall- Holden On
Best Actor- Matthew Fahey- Holden On
Best Actress- Ashanti- Stuck
Best Screenplay- Christine Weatherup- Killed in Action
Best Editing- Rodrigo Zozaya- Thoroughbred
Best Music- Fred Story -Robert Shaw- Man of Many Voices
Best Cinematography- Jonathan Chou – It’s Just a Gun

Director’s Choice:  
“Best Ensemble Cast” Stuck– Amy Madigan, Arden Cho, Ashanti Douglas, Gerard Canonico, Giancarlo Esposito, Omar Chaparro

Audience Awards:
1st Place: Stuck
2nd Place: The Leg
3rd Place: Quality Problems