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SHUTTLES TO COLORADO MOUNTAIN COLLEGE: Catch Summit Express’ complimentary shuttles to Colorado Mountain College! Downtown stop: Corner of Washington & Main Street. Look for the flags across the street from the Blue River Plaza/Festival Village and the Breckenridge Welcome Center. Shuttles run on a loop 30 minutes prior to CMC screenings from Main Street as well as 30 minutes following CMC screenings returning to Main Street. Volunteers will be available for assistance and to answer questions.

(total run time: 120 minutes)


100 Proof Musical

100 Proof Musical 

(run time: 48 minutes)

“100 PROOF Musical Theatre” is a behind-the-scenes look at an intriguing new Musical Theatre format..

Director: David Finley

RobertShawRobert Shaw – Man of Many Voices
(run time: 72 minutes)

Robert Shaw – Man of Many Voices traces the journey of a small town California boy who planned to be a
minister like his father, but instead became the greatest conductor of choral music the world has ever known.
At the heart of the film is the mystery of Shaw’s genius. With no formal musical training, he achieved a stunning
early success in popular music and later became legendary for his interpretations of classical music’s
great choral masterpieces.
An early champion of civil rights, Shaw had a mystical belief in the power of community and could communicate
his passion for music with spellbinding intensity. As Music Director of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
and Chorus in the latter half of the twentieth century, Robert Shaw changed the course of musical history
through the many voices he set on fire with an enduring love of music.

Directors: Peter Miller, Pamela Roberts


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