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(total run time: 78 minutes)

Shy GuysShy Guys
(run time: 9 minutes)

2016 Tony winner Reed Birney brings the laughs as two strangers confront and resolve one of the most insidious and perplexing scourges to ever afflict mankind – while standing at neighboring urinals – in this award-winning film from ubiquitous character actor Fredric Lehne.

Colorado premiere

Director/s: Fredric Lehne

Website/s: www.shyguysmovie.com
Awards: Crossroads – Programmer’s Choice, Indie Memphis – Special Jury Award, Best Narrative Short, Audience Appreciation, Magnolia Film Festival – Best Written Film
LAComedy Fest – Audience Appreciation, Studio City Film Festival – Best Comedy Short, Taos Shortz – People’s Choice
Arizona International Film Festival – Best Comedy Short ,Best Shorts – Honorable Mention Award of Excellence, AsIff – Best short, Audience Choice, Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Reed), Boston International Film Festival – “Indie Soul Best Story Line Award.”, San Francisco Indie Fest – Best Narrative Short


Feel the BurnFeel the Burn
(run time: 12 minutes)

Once a year for one week only in one of the driest, saltiest corners of Nevada you can find Black Rock City, the home of the Burning Man Festival. Within this, one of the most eclectic and certainly the driest and saltiest festival on earth is the Black Rock City 50km  ultramarathon.
Not, absolutely NOT for the faint of heart.

Director/s:  Dominic Gill
Producer/s: Nadia Gill
Website/s: http://www.encompassfilms.com


Here Comes the NeighborhoodHere Comes the Neighborhood
(run time: 10 minutes)

A group of people get together to defend their neighborhood from gentrifiers in the funniest way possible.

Director/s: Michael Charron
Producer/s: Richard Ricks


(run time: 13 minutes)

A surprise herpes diagnosis sends a lonely man on a quest for connection.

Director/s: Ty Minton-Small


(run time: 17 minutes)

A comic tale of a small town girl who moves to New York City and realizes she’s not in Kansas anymore. She’s wide eyed about the high life of the big city – until she stumbles head first into the grip of it’s charming low life’s.

Director/s: Andrea Behring
Producer/s: Andrea Behring
Website/s: http://baggagetheshortfilm.com/


Pretty Bad ShapePretty Bad Shape
(run time: 8 minutes)

Mack and Gene are your everyday below average house thieves. One night while taking their time and enjoying the finer things in someone else’s house, the duo quickly find out that they are not alone. Things goes from sandwich making to trying to convince a derange and homicidal house wife to spare their lives.

Director/s: Drake Howard
Producer/s:  Drake Howard
Website/s: https://www.facebook.com/badshapemovie/


(run time: 9 minutes)

During the hottest day ever recorded in human history, a fastidious maid’s duties are interrupted when her vagina comes to life. What starts as a simple cry for air turns into an intervention as Valentina’s vagina asks after her wages and demands better working conditions.

Director/s: Mary Angelica Molina
Producer/s: Annalise Lockhart
Website/s: https://www.facebook.com/valentinathemovie/

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