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(total run time: 111 minutes)

North of Known

Patagonia ambassador Gavin McClurg flying past Denali during the Alaska paragliding traverse. Alaska Range, Alaska.

North of Known
(run time: 52 minutes)

When Gavin McClurg decided he wanted to push the boundaries of expedition paragliding, he could not have picked a more rugged, convoluted and downright burly route. In terrain where bears outnumber people, roads are non-existent and flying conditions are completely unknown, Gavin and his partner Dave Turner embark on the most remote and aggressive Vol-Bivy expedition ever attempted. Traversing the entire length of the Alaska Range unsupported.

Director: Bryan Smith

exhibition_alaskaExpedition Alaska
(run time: 59 minutes)

Twenty teams brave the Alaskan wilderness for the competition of a lifetime. Racers will traverse over 350 miles in a non-stop seven-day race, carrying everything they will need to survive a course that pits themselves against Mother Nature and each other. Racers will mountain bike through the sharp peaks of the Kenai Peninsula, traverse mountain ranges, crevasse filled glaciers, mudflats filled with quicksand and paddle countless life-threatening rivers and rapids.

Director/s: Production Master Class at the University of Cincinnati

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Followed by an audience discussion with Expedition Alaska Director, Brian J. Leitten.


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