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(total run time: 86 minutes)

The-Pirate-CruncherThe Pirate Cruncher
(run time: 10 minutes)

Colorado Premiere
A crew of pirates learns of a mysterious island with hidden treasure. Once they’ve set sail, the old fiddler informant warns that it is guarded by the terrible Pirate-Cruncher. Greed overcomes fear, leading the pirate crew to the island, where they are in for a surprise as they set foot on land.
Director/s: Paul Conner & Stephen Baker

(run time: 6 minutes)

“Hope” tells the Story of a little boy, who is condemned to spend the time he has left in a prisoners’ camp. The memories of his mother are the only thing keeping him alive.

Director: Michael Scherrer, Switzerland

RevelationRevelation – The City of Haze
(run time: 14 minutes)

After witnessing his mother’s death in a riot, a boy named Mai could not
remember his own name. A girl named Yi, a scavenger, found Mai in a garbage
can, bringing him back to the City of Haze to live with him.

Director: Mao Qichao, China, Colorado Premiere

Dam, The Story of Kit the BeaverDam! The Story of Kit the Beaver
(run time: 13 minutes)

This short, commissioned by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and funded by the Government of Canada, in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, follows Kit the beaver as she tries to help her family build their dam. She feels like she isn’t doing enough, but soon learns that everyone contributes in different ways. DAM! The Story of Kit the Beaver features an original score from Erica Procunier, performed by the TSO.

Director: Kjell Boersma, Canada

(run time: 4 minutes)

A boy meets a fish in a mysterious forest…
Director: Zhaoyu Zhou

The-House-of-ColorsThe House of Colors
(run time: 9 minutes)

A young girl wishes to live inside her favorite television show, but the wondrous trees of La Plata, a mysterious house, and her loving Mother’s secret, causes her to change her mind.

Director: Nicolás P. Villarreal, Argentina

(run time: 2 minutes)

Windows is a symbolic short animation about a little girl whose life changes as she grows up because of the societal restrictions for women in her home country. Finally, losing all the freedom and happiness, she decides to leave her country facing the unknown.

Dir: Mina Valizadeh, Iran

(run time: 6 minutes)

A corkscrew with a screw loose battles a giant glass bottle to uncork seven magical lightning bugs trapped inside.

(run time: 16 minutes)

In Nimmer a man is looking for the ultimate solution to save his wife from a falling cliff.

Wishing BoxWishing Box
(run time: 6 minutes)

Wishing Box is a short animated film about adventures on the high seas with a silly pirate and his lovely monkey companion. An enchanting and fun story with a message about greed and success, the film will be a piece that viewers of any age will enjoy.

This film was completed with the help of 150 young artists from around the world. This massive and talented team ensured that Wishing Box was taken from an enchanting idea to a piece of cinematic magic.


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