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(total run time: 94 minutes)

(run time: 10 minutes)

Pushing is a magical, uplifting short about an encounter between a homeless man and a police officer who try to connect even when they see the world in very different ways.

Director: Ryan LaPine

Forgotten ManForgotten Man
(run time: 84 minutes)

Forgotten Man tells the story of Carl, a troubled young actor in an East London Theatre Company for the homeless with a history of incarceration. When the opening night of his new play ends with an actor fighting an audience member, Carl, in the affluent attire from his play, abandons the theatre for the bustling streets of contemporary London. He meets Meredith, a wealthy out-of-towner in London for a funeral. Their sweet romance has Carl risking a parole violation to pursue another life, but when Meredith invites Carl to see the very play he is the lead actor in, and the theatre erupts in violent conflict, Carl is found trapped between his desire and obligation.

Director: Arran Shearing

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