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SHUTTLES TO COLORADO MOUNTAIN COLLEGE: Catch Summit Express’ complimentary shuttles to Colorado Mountain College! Downtown stop: Corner of Washington & Main Street. Look for the flags across the street from the Blue River Plaza/Festival Village and the Breckenridge Welcome Center. Shuttles run on a loop 30 minutes prior to CMC screenings from Main Street as well as 30 minutes following CMC screenings returning to Main Street. Volunteers will be available for assistance and to answer questions.

(total run time: 74 minutes)

Joshua-TreeJoshua Tree: Threatened Wonderland
(run time: 14 minutes)

USA, Colorado Premiere
With its mysterious rock formations and iconic trees, Joshua Tree National Park provides a haven for those seeking inspiration. But scientists predict that the majority of Joshua trees will disappear in the next 80 years due to air pollution, fire, and climate change. Can anything save this amazing wonderland?

Director: Bill Wisneski

Saving-Planet-posterSaving the Planet One Bite at a Time
(run time: 60 minutes)

The Standard American Diet plays a major role in the current epidemics of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Just as the nation’s health crisis reaches disastrous proportions, it is quickly becoming clear that the harmful consequences of our food choices extend far beyond chronic disease. The methods of food production in use today have profound implications on the health of the planet. The rise of unsound agricultural practices such as factory farming and genetic engineering of our crops are pushing us to the brink of environmental calamity.

Director: Gary Null, USA


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