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(total run time: 77 minutes)


(run time: 16 minutes)

HIT, the unlikely love story of Brandon who thinks he’s met the girl of his dreams in the mysterious and beautiful Izzy.
After arriving to pick her up for their first date, Brandon realizes that Izzy is not at all who he thought she was when he catches her red-handed with a dead body and is reluctantly roped into the strangest night of his life.  This dark comedy takes on the difficulties of modern dating and the leap between falling for who you think someone is and knowing who they really are.


Girl of My DreamsGirl of My Dreams

(run time: 19 minutes)

Edward Watson has been looking for something that can change his life. His challenge is to find what needs to change. Tonight he will search for answers in the most vast place anyone can explore, his own mind.

Dear GeorgeDear George

(run time: 18 minutes)

When his high school sweetheart sends him an epic break-up letter and moves out of state for a job, a self proclaimed couch potato decides to face his fears to get her back. He sets off on a cross country trip filled with a stolen chicken costume, TSA shakedowns, Acapella groups and bad decisions.

Marty and Stacy's Pixilated Dream ShowMarty and Stacy’s Pixelated Dream Show

(run time: 19 minutes)

A romantic web developer builds an online fantasy world to win the girl of his dreams.



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