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(total run time: 70 minutes)

(run time: 20 minutes)

When a Mars colony’s comm satellite is damaged, Emilia Riley embarks on a seemingly harmless repair excursion. A shuttle malfunction cuts connectivity to the ground and Chris, her son, makes the knee jerk decision to go after her.

Icarus is a 20 minute live action science-fiction short film. The film contains over 120 visual effects shots and a 200 track 5.1 surround mix. This project was an exercise in technical R&D in service of a strong short form narrative.

Director/s: Tom Teller
Producer/s: Michelle Evans
Website:  https://frame48.com/work/icarus/

Beaufort International Film Festival Beaufort, SC , 2017, Southern Premiere WINNER Best Short Film
George Lindsey UNA Film Festival Florence, AL, 2017 , Alabama Premiere WINNER Best in Show, Best Student Film


Manners of DyingManners of Dying
(run time: 23 minutes)

A death row warden has supervised countless executions throughout his long career. He separates himself from the emotions they evoked with a wall of procedures and lies which he repeated so often that he convinced himself to believe in them. It is the young convict, Kevin Barlow, who holds the keys to his humanity.

Director/s: Bo-You
Producer/s: Jeremy Chang
Website:  http://mannersofdying.weebly.com/


Killed in ActionKilled in Action
(run time: 13 minutes)

K.I.A. is a short film that takes place in 1948. A WWII widow is visited by a troubled veteran who served with her husband. He shares a dark secret he’s been keeping from the war… but can she come to accept it?

Director/s: Christine Weatherup
Producer/s:Beatriz Chahin ,  Matt Enlow
Website:  http://www.killedinactionfilm.com/


It's Just a GunIt’s Just a Gun
(run time: 14 minutes)

Imagine in the life time of a gun all the hands it passes through. It’s Just A Gun is just one chapter in that story. When a young boy named Gabe finds a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver, it will set in motion a series of events that will change him forever.

Director/s: Brian Robau
Producer/s:   John Sayage
Website: http://www.itsjustagun.com

Awards:  Winner of the 2016 Student Academy Awards (Narrative)

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