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(total run time: 65 minutes)

Somewhere Between Heaven and HellSomewhere Between Heaven and Hell
(run time: 15 minutes)

Best friends for forty years, William & Drew (think grumpy old men) know everything about each other. At least they think they do.  Each of them has a secret the other doesn’t know. On a weekend road trip to Hell, LA their secrets are forced into the open and their lives may never be the same.

Director: Andrew Librizzi
Producer/s: Keith Rushing and Tommy G. Kendrick

(run time: 50 minutes)

What happens when a city boy, with a pocket full of sermons, lands in a Scottish parish??

“This is the story of the places and people who taught me the pace of being known. The first speed bump occurred in a class with Eugene Peterson, which challenged all my expectations.”

“The second speed bump came in moving to Scotland for further education. I found myself pastoring a small Scottish parish. I discovered a new seminary – the school of the parish – and my teachers were the parishioners and their ordinary lives. That’s where my real formation began – not just as a pastor, but as a human being.”

13 years later, Matt and his family returned to their roots to pastor a church in Wenatchee, Washington. Together with the congregation they are translating what parish life looks like in a modern American setting.

Written & Directed by Matt Canlis


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