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(total run time: 110 minutes)


Audible Static

Audible Static
(run time: 11 minutes)

Thaddeus is a teenager in love. Love comes with panic. Silence. Racing thoughts, but no words. Just, audible static. In the last days on analogue, Thaddeus finds a way to cheat the system.

Swimming in the DesertSwimming in the Desert
(run time: 18 minutes)

In the drought-stricken town of Agua Dulce, in the California High Desert, a ten
year old girl challenges her grandfather, a cranky retired firefighter, to follow a
crazy plan and bring the water back to the dry river.

Director/Producer: Alvaro Ron

ASKASK – Can Love Survive Addiction and Codependency?
(run time: 81 minutes)

Today every fifth person struggles with addictions.  Drugs. Alcohol. Opioids.  No one is immune to the damage.  And the hurt spreads far beyond just the addict.  The award-winning documentary, ASK, is for every person or family who loves someone struggling.
Personal change is possible when we ask.

Director/s: Kurt Neale
Producer/s:  Kurt Neale

Awards: Best Strength Film, Best Cinematography, Best Editor

Website:  http://www.askdocumentary.com/


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