Silverthorne Performing Arts Center – Grand Opening!

On Saturday, June 24, the Breckenridge Film Festival is pleased to partner with the Town of Silverthorne to support its Grand Opening of the all-new Performing Arts Center in Silverthorne Town Center. Beginning at 11 a.m., a short film program of throw-back Breck Film Fest films will begin. The program repeats approximately every 45 minutes. The lineup includes: India Within (2014) – Hailing from Spain, and known internationally as professional skateboarder creating an all new way to extend freestyle into the realm of street skating, Kilian Martin’s unique movements set him in a class of his own. 3 min. The Fake (2016) – A tight-fisted empty-nester sets out to get himself a fake ID in order to snag the senior discount. 8 min. Hum (2016) – A solitary dish-washing robot living out his life in the [...]

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