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Tech Director

Breckenridge Film Festival Mission and Organizational Overview
Founded in 1981, the Breckenridge Film Festival (BFF) is a 501(c)(3) private, non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. Since its opening, the Breckenridge Film Festival has celebrated the art of filmmaking. Each year, a unique and varied array of major studio premieres, independent films, receptions, educational programs and retrospectives honoring featured guests takes place high in the Colorado Rockies. The vision of the Breckenridge Film Festival is to inspire, educate and entertain the community and its visitors through the art of filmmaking. The festival’s mission is to guide a year-round, comprehensive celebration of independent film for the community, visitors and filmmakers by presenting diverse film experiences in an authentic mountain environment. As such, the festival produces film events throughout the year, including the annual Breckenridge Film Festival. The festival’s events provide opportunities for diverse audiences to discover film through creative, thought-provoking experiences.

Program Overview & Job Summary
The Breckenridge Film Festival is seeking a Technical Director to oversee technical aspects of the festival leading up to and during the annual Breckenridge Film Festival, Sept. 15-18, 2016. The Technical Director will work closely with the Festival Director, Board of Directors and Programming Director to determine and implement venue and technical needs. This is a 3.5-month paid contract position.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Familiarize with venues, available equipment and venue management personnel to facilitate operation, maintenance and safeguarding the technical assets of the venues, including supervising the use of lighting, sound, projection and the use and maintenance of theater equipment
  • Determine the necessary technical supports, such as lighting, sound, staging, and special needs, necessary for events and productions presented at the facility in advance of production dates
  • Design, set up, maintain and operate lighting, sound and projection for film productions
    Assist in recruiting, training and assignment of volunteer or paid technical staff for individual productions
  • Supervise theater managers, sound technicians and projectionists on the implementation of film productions
  • Assist with the preparation and control of production budgets
  • Orient special guests to production plans, facilitating the use of technical facilities
  • Manage the distribution of content to venues via physical media and digital distribution resources
  • Coordinate with programming to gather and organize content sources according to venue
  • Collect and distribute finalized content to venues
  • Ensure all digital media and hard copies are recorded in festival archives in advance of the festival
  • Quality-check all files and physical media before distribution
  • Create all on-screen digital cinema packages, including trailers, sponsor slides, bumpers and ads
  • Oversee and implement Saturday night awards ceremony, including film and music clip choreography
  • Schedule and execute rehearsals, as needed, in advance of the show with or without guest speakers
  • Assist with recruitment, training, communication and oversight of theater managers to ensure quality production during the festival
  • Deliver technical report to Festival Director including successes and improvements following the festival

Time commitment:
June 15 – October 1, 2016 with fewer hours at the beginning and more hours each week as the festival approaches. Candidate must have complete availability September 15-18, 2016.

Required experience:

  • Experience with managing cinema productions, preferably, experience managing multiple simultaneous cinema productions, as in a festival setting
  • Experience with theater production and choreography
  • Experience with video production software, including creating cinema packages
  • Experience with overseeing staff

Compensation: $3000
Classification: Independent Contractor
Industry: Arts
Hiring Level: Mid
Position Start Date: June 15, 2016

Submit cover letter, resume and list of 3 references to [email protected].