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“Love this festival. It has a fantastic reputation and it’s well deserved. Industry insiders and distributors really respect this festival. Very strong program of films. Warm and friendly staff and volunteers. Wonderful location. Really fun parties and social gatherings to socialize with other filmmakers. They also assist with lodging expenses. It’s been going for 36 years for good reason. One of my best festival experiences by far. I hope to be lucky enough to go back again!”
Hoyt Richards, Filmmaker
“The Breckenridge Film Festivals is one of the most professional and organized film festivals I have ever attended. The programming was outstanding and location amazing. My liaison and the BFF staff were incredible including my lovely accommodations, a sound/color check and the festival hosted some excellent parties! it was a fabulous weekend!”
Michelle Carpenter, filmmaker
Michelle Carpenter
The film festival offered a wonderful variety and our personal experiences with the people and shops of Breckenridge were great, too.
What a brilliant festival. I felt so honored and received a first class experience as a filmmaker. The kindest staff and volunteers working so hard and flexibly when challenges occurred. Can’t imagine a more beautiful setting for a festival like this. Thank you so much! David Flood, Step By Step by Persistent Productions
David Flood, Step By Step by Persistent Productions
I loved the involvement of all the town and the use of many different venues.
We loved being with good friends, sharing the experience, interesting films and a beautiful fall weekend.
The highlight of the Breckenridge Film Festival, for me, was the feeling of being prepared for. It should be a testament to the festival’s professionalism and, frankly, how seriously they took themselves, for when we arrived, we were provided lodging, a liaison and the warm welcoming of all. The feeling of being respected as an artist left me with an unforgettable impression, and for that, they have my loyalty.
Benjamin Shweky, Chocolate Cake
Eight days a week – love the Beatles.
The filmmaker forums were fun and interesting.